Return of the Blog…

If you’ve switched over from The Friends’ Blog Series One, very good to see you again, and if you’re newly logging in then welcome!  If you’re new to the blog then you may like to know that Series One has a timeline, a diary of the four weeks of the dig last summer, a glimpse of the Ammon Wrigley archive held at Oldham Museum, and a summary of the end of project Conference in March. It will still be accessible via the website and via

Regular visitors to the Blog will see that I’ve put the same mosaic background in – that’s because nothing else looked right. But I thought you might like to know that it’s one if many mosaics from Zeugma in SE Turkey.  Here’s the one I used –

turkey 718 (2)

it’s in the museum at Gaziantep and is the scene of Zeus falling in love with Europa, appearing to her in form of a white bull.  There are plenty of mosaics left in situ at the actual site as well as in the museum.


Looking forward to sharing many interesting CRF times with you… if you click on follow you’ll get automatic notification of updates via emailimages cs – and also it will help us to show our funding body that there’s a community out there who’re interested in what’s happening in the world of Castleshaw Roman Forts.

I’ll try always to keep you up to date with events and particularly any test-pitting or digs as they happen.  And it would be great to get your comments!

Catch you later


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