About us

The Friends of Castleshaw Roman Forts is a group of volunteers set up to excavate, interpret, preserve and make accessible the site of two Roman Forts in the Castleshaw Valley, Delph, Saddleworth.  We welcome new members and if you join us you’ll find an interesting website with news, photos and resource pages, a Facebook page, opportunities to join in test-pitting at the site and environs, and during the winter months a series of archaeological talks by visiting speakers.  To become a member go to the website: http://www.castleshawarchaeology.co.uk

The Roman Forts have been known for several hundred years: Percival in 1752 appears to be the first to write of them: “At Castleshaw I was well pleased to find a double Roman camp”, followed by the famed (Saddleworth) antiquarian Ammon Wrigley writing of them in 1898.  The 20th C sees several excavation projects and they are discussed in the early Blog posts, 2013/4, Series One, https://castleshawarchaeology.wordpress.com/

Our own major project was in July 2014, led by archaeologist Norman Redhead (Salford University) and named ‘Redefining Roman Castleshaw’.  During the project we did training days for the many volunteers and also involved the local Key Stage 2 children. We had over 130 adults working as volunteers for at least one day over the 4 weeks and also Duke of Edinburgh Gold Students got involved.  The weather was great (but for 2 days) and we had many visitors and did many tours.  Some pictures are added below, but for more history of the site, more information of the 2014 project, the 2015 conference, and test-pitting days, take a look at Blog Series 1 and 2.  Find them easily here, but also on the website: http://www.castleshawarchaeology.co.uk

Aerial view:_MG_0042_Copyright_Suave_Air_Photos



Norman Redhead explaining Trench 2, 2014.


Trench One…… DSC_0683DSC_0685

..plus ramparts in Trench One





.A hearth in Trench Two…….



and the turf layers in the Eastern ramparts






The Eastern gateway postholes from drone, the strange stone pad and the start of the road to the East over to Slack.




Best regards, from Bloggerina

A few references –

Percival, T. 1752. Observations on the Roman colonies and stations in Cheshire and Lancashire. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, 47: 216-230.           Redhead, N. 2012. Renewed Interest in the Castleshaw Roman Forts. Saddleworth Historical Society Bulletin 42/3.                                                                                   Stonehouse, W.P.B. 2001. The Prehistory of Saddleworth & Adjacent Areas. D. Chadderton (Ed). Saddleworth Archaeological Trust.                                                             http://www.roman-britain.org


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